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MANIFESTO of the human births movement

My maternity is in my hands, it’s my own journey!

To all those who wish to participate in the establishment of a new vision of human births as well as the establishment of the new paradigm of births. This is a call to all for a return to powerful births.

This is a manifesto demanding that anyone who gives birth can be supported regardless of the experience they wish to live and the choices that result from it, in order to offer everyone the possibility to give birth differently and to have access to more humane births...

It is time for us women and for all those who have the opportunity to carry life, to put the knowledge of the great sages who have gone before us at the service of births!

It is here, now, all of us together, that we are entering the new paradigm of births.

Since the beginning of time, women have given birth to the world in all kinds of conditions.

We, women and all people with wombs, have the chance to access the power of multidimensional consciousness much more easily than other earthly beings since a sacred femininity inhabits us and opens for us a connection to the unique and powerful universe.

We are the universe.

We are the power and today, we are taking back control on our birth process that was stolen from us. It’s always been ours to empower.

The time has come for a new paradigm of births.

Let's get up

You are my sisters, my friends, my mother, my colleagues, my aunts and my ancestors. We are all closely linked by this feminine power that inhabits and nourishes us.

It is up to us to share this source of connection with those who do not yet have access to it and to make a difference.

It is up to me to pass on to you the knowledge that is offered to us through the invisible world and to participate in the uprising of this movement that demands that the power of birth return to our hands; it belongs to us, the ones who have been giving birth for many moons.

The last century has led the majority of women and birthing people to experience their childbirth in a way that is completely disconnected from its true nature and to place the process of childbirth in the hands of strangers.

Congratulations to the warriors who were able to resist.

Congratulations to the mothers who breastfed and listened to their instincts when they were advised not to.

Thank you to those who fought to keep their babies by their side after birth and refused the nursery.

Thank you to those who said no to an unwanted procedure despite the threats and dismissive tone used against them.

Thank you to all those who have moved forward painfully, sometimes alone, against the tide...

Let's acknowledge their courage!

Let's follow their lead and manifest a better birth experience together.

If there are enough of us to do it and say it loud, we will have the power to turn the tide and return to what birth really is: an act that belongs to those who give birth. A sacred and magical moment that we witness. An act subject to the power of the universe through which we should never interfere unless it is necessary to do so.

Let’s stop living these magical births in secret in our networks, hiding it, for fear of reprisals and judgments. The time of burning witches is over.

Let’s name loud and clear the successes of our feminine power in our births.

Let’s inspire each other by sharing our inspiring experiences.

Let's get started and create the world-wide movement that we are all waiting for!

Let’s become masters of our destinies.

Let’s become masters of our Yoni.

Let’s become masters of our births.

Let’s allow all future souls to be supported in their birth.

Let’s connect to the knowledge that our babies carry.

Let’s listen to them, respect them and honor their divine wisdom which is worth much more than the medicine of men.

Careful: I do not deny the benefits and necessity of all existing medicines! I only relate their importance in the face of the wisdom of the universe. If medicine intervened only when necessary and had chosen to be the silent witness of births instead of taking over them, its importance in the birth process would be quite different today and the reality of women and all birthing people would be quite different, in my humble opinion.

The time has come to put our perspectives back in place and give back the power of birth to women and all people with a birthing capacity. Childbirth is one of the most significant events in a person's life. The traces of a birth where empowerment is not present are minimized! People who give birth must be allowed to be supported regardless of the experience they wish to live and the choices that come with it. The well-being of humanity depends on it.

The time has come for a new birth paradigm.

It is up to us to take ownership of this power that belongs to us. Let’s reappropriate it in conscience. Let’s allow each woman and pregnant folks to give birth in their own way according to a free and supported choice.

I ask and call upon you: create this change that we all wish to see! Let's imagine it as if it was done and the tide is now turning in our favor.

Dear life partners: the time has come to stand up for us who carry your descendants and to recognize loud and clear the power that dwells in us. We need you.

Copy this text and share it.

Put it on your blogs.

Translate it!

Post it in your offices.

Print it and distribute it.

Read it on your podcasts.

Read it in a live!

Be the engine of change: be your power.

All of us together: we are invincible.

Share your experience! Flood social media with your birth stories and talk about that which you you wish you had. It is by taking the attention of the entire population that a change that meets the real needs of the people can be implemented.

#naissanceshumaines #humanbirths #BB🌎

If you have had a traumatic birth experience, obstetrical violence or simply a birth that was not like you because you were taken away from that possibility: share your experience! It is by creating a dialogue through a popular uprising and by nourishing the debate from all our respective points of view that our wishes and desires as people who give birth will be heard. There is no one right way to give birth: only the one that suits you and your own values is the right way for you.

We’ve had enough! It's time to ask for more free informed choices.

Thank you in advance to all those who will react to this text and contribute to the debate in a respectful manner. Whether you agree or disagree: it is through your participation in the debate that changes can take place. Thank you for allowing this space for respectful exchanges.

I send you gratitude and love for all that you may do, words and actions that will nourish this rising movement and allow us to access together the new paradigm of births.

Let us demand what is due to us: the right to a sustained childbirth that resembles us in our personal wishes and values. Let's take action!

Very humbly,

Christine Deschênes (Maternia),

Doula and founder of the human birth movement

Translated voluntarily by Kaella La Doula

Supported and accompanied by the energy of Adama, mother of humanity

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